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Twisted Theorem - Premier Metal Band

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Premiere metal band. Phoenix Arizona.
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Twisted Theorem is in the studio creating final mixes to all 14 tracks on "Seven Ways". I had put 5 singles out originally... but i am not fully happy with the mixes (neither was the mastering engineer!)....  -So-  After working with 3 (amazing but) different engineers... I have decided on one of them ... to mix all 14 tracks. I will re-release the 5 singles along with the full cd in approximately 1 1/2 months. 
I also have 5 new live recorded songs from our six month touring phase. I might mix them live and leave them- to be bonus tracks for the 1st CD.     -Mike Battle
Twisted Theorem's New video Superbia below..... enjoy.
Mike Battle and Twisted Theorem Live
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